Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of Www.cynthiaescribe.com are delineated within this document. Anyone accessing/navigating this website and/or attempting to contract with Сynthiaescribe.com must abide by the subsequent terms.

Acceptance of Terms of Service: Navigation, correspondence with staff and general use of the Сynthiaescribe.com website represents the acceptance of Сynthiaescribe.com’s Terms of Services, delineated below.

Ownership and Copyright of Business Name and Website Content: All content related to Сynthiaescribe.com website, to include name is proprietary and copyrighted. Any content within this entity cannot be modified, copied, republished, reproduced, used, transmitted or printed without permission from Сynthiaescribe.com.

Termination of Service/Contractual Obligations: Сynthiaescribe.com retains the discretion to terminate any contractual obligation or services should any client infringe/violate any of the Terms and Conditions of this Website. Сynthiaescribe.com also reserves the right cease operations and services at their discretion.

Rejection or Refusal of Service: Сynthiaescribe.com retains the right to reject or refuse to service any client at their discretion and for any reason.

Material and Content Submitted: Сynthiaescribe.com services include editing and proofreading services of content received by clients. In no case does Сynthiaescribe.com support, recommend or endorse any of the content contained within a client’s document. Сynthiaescribe.com does not support any breach of contracts or acts of plagiarism committed by a client and advices against it through this document. If such act is committed, Сynthiaescribe.com does not assume any liability or responsibility for any acts or illegal offenses committed, resulting in infringement. Сynthiaescribe.com also retains the discretion to refuse services on any document based on content. Сynthiaescribe.com is not responsible for the destruction, alteration or damage to any computed system, software or hardware stemming from the distribution of computer malware or virus.

Ownership and Copyright over Submitted Material: Any content that the client submits belongs to the client as sole copyright, control and ownership. Сynthiaescribe.com retains the rights of material created by Сynthiaescribe.com.

Rates and Services: Current rates and descriptions of services are posted on the Сynthiaescribe.com website. Сynthiaescribe.com retains the right to change or alter the rates at their discretion and can change the rates without notice. Prior to an agreement of services with Сynthiaescribe.com and a client, an estimated time of completion will be given to the client. If the client’s deadline requires that work be done in a significantly quicker delivery date, Сynthiaescribe.com reserves the right to charge a rush fee as outlined on the website.

Standards of Quality and Service: Documents that are edited or proofread by Сynthiaescribe.com is subjected to strict and high standards. Delays resulting from acts of nature (lightning strike, tornado, floods, natural disasters, etc) are beyond the control of Сynthiaescribe.com and cannot be held responsible.

Truth and Accuracy of Client Information: It is the responsibility of the client to provide truthful and accurate information, regarding demographic data and payment information at the time of service agreement. Non-disclosure of truthful information will result in denial of service. Furthermore, if any negative legal repercussions result from a client’s submittal of false information, Сynthiaescribe.com will not be liable or responsible from errors of legal liability.

Financial Theft or Fraud: Сynthiaescribe.com is not liable for any act of fraud or theft committed by a client in the use of a credit card or any other payment method used to pay for services rendered by Сynthiaescribe.com.

Modification of Terms and Website: Сynthiaescribe.com reserves the right to modify, rewrite, amend, reorganize of revoke any terms and conditions at their discretion and without advance notification.