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25 Anniversary BA Arts UDEM – Part 1

Centro Roberto Garza Sada - Roberto Ortiz

Translation coming soon.

Reporte UK: ist

Reporte UK: ist. La Pop Life

As you may know, every other week I write for La Pop Life recommending some project or event from the United Kingdom. The UK Report (Reporte UK), as it’s formally known, is written by me one week, by Samuel Valdés from Sloucher another week. Sam used to live in Sheffield and I live in Leicester, so each one of us has had the opportunity of meeting local and national bands, attend their gigs and share the findings with you.


Style XL: The First Plus Size Fashion Catwalk Event in the Midlands

Catwalk Group at Style XL

As you may have read in past months, I tend to travel up, down and all around to plus size fashion events and Fat Acceptance meetings. From London to Sheffield and all the way to Leeds, I love visiting and supporting collectives that hold the often confusing belief (to the rest of Western civilisation) that fat people deserve as much dignity and pride as everyone else. This sense of dignity and pride includes being able to navigate society, establish professional, amicable and intimate relationships, start and develop a career, get involved in joyful physical activities for health improvement and maintenance, and simply survive without fear. And for most of these activities, unless you work on a nude beach, you need clothes. Clothes that reflect your personality, are worth the money and are fit for the occasion.


Creative Coffee: World Domination Summit

Jim Shields at Creative Coffee, LCB Depot

Chris Guillebeau: Young, Cute, Non-Conformist. Photo:

To be honest, I have a complicated relationship with Chris Guillebeau and his work. Just like with Seth Godin, Mark Boyle and other “disruptive” intellectuals, Guillebeau’s ideas sound too good to be true and too simple to be universal. His concept behind The Art of Non-Conformity is exhilarating. Not only did I download his Brief Guide to World Domination, but I printed it and included it in a very special folder I read for inspiration and empowerment, among The ‘Undeclared for Life’ Manifesto by Puttylike’s Emilie Wapnick and The (nearly) Ultimate Guide to Better Writing edited by Mary Jaksch from Write to Done. I wanted to believe that, like him, one could travel around the world on a budget using nothing but intelligence and thriftiness. That one could publish several books independently and attract the power of thousands under the wings of tenacity, integrity and tenacity again.


Nerdsville Book Club: M.J. Arlidge – Eeny Meeny


This post is a review for the Nerdsville Book Club. Eeny Meeny was the first book of the month, as selected by Apple Charlotte. Read her review here, as well as reviews by Isha, Marie and Ragini.

Let’s play a drinking game, shall we? I know it’s quite early in the day, but we all can do with a shot of tequila or two in the morning. Or three? Or even more?

It’s quite easy: grab a crime novel, any crime novel, and whenever you encounter any of the following tropes, pour in your favourite alcoholic drink into a shot glass and gulp it. Are you ready? Here they are:


The Dead Sparrows – Short Story

Los Gorriones Muertos, via MorgueFile

A dead sparrow once again. This time, in the mailbox.

They always appear wherever she least expects it: in the bin, between the newspaper pages, in cereal boxes. Under the pillow. In the sink. Like wicked toys from a Happy Meal. Like presents from the cat, who loves her so much and who purrs at her feet.

The other day, she opened a bag of beans to clean them, and there was one. She split an avocado in half, and she find him instead of the bone. Dark brown, rigid, curled up into a ball, with his feet crushed and without any fingers left.