Preparing a doctoral dissertation

July 11, 2018

The thesis or dissertation to be submitted at the end of a doctorate degree is central to the entire degree, academically as well as personally. This important university document is the key to making an impression on the evaluator backed by the requisite content material. It is thus imperative for you to put into effect the necessary details and paramount care towards preparing your doctoral dissertation. Ensure that you stick to the style and specifications mentioned in your respective University handbook.

  • How to go about it

When it comes to the title page, no special innovation is necessary. Make sure the title is not all caps. If you have to use symbols, formulas or superscripts, employ word substitutes for the same.

Use the proper name as registered in the University and you may or may not use the symbol on the title page. Either way the copyright privilege for the doctoral dissertation remains with you. You will be required to write an abstract of the dissertation in approximately 350 500 words. Even if the dissertation is in a foreign language, ensure that the abstract has been written in English. Generally, the text must be double-spaced. Give special care in preparing the abstract as it is a summary of your work, based upon which scholars may or may not choose to go through the complete dissertation. Place it immediately after the title page; never number it.

  • The main content

In most cases, an introduction is discretionary. It becomes equivalent to the first chapter and is numbered accordingly. Notes/Footnotes are generally preferred over the typical chapter endnotes. Number the footnotes consecutively. Make the flow spontaneous by organizing the ideas. Mention the chief expansion in your dissertation. You are allowed to cite other work interrelated to your part. Make sure you edit and revise the work prior to submission. Polish the language and relevant technical information. When using illustrative materials, select only those items that are of the highest quality so that they maintain their originality when reproduced after filming or size reduction. They can be charts, photographs, maps, hand-drawn items or tables and graphs. Make sure that they are in black and white. If materials are included in an appendix, ensure that the explanation precedes the item. If you are using them in the text, insert them close to the foremost mention in the text. Follow alignment rules during pagination as it is crucial in case of doctoral dissertations. Pay attention the Bibliography and format it according to the University norms.

  • The finer details

Type the text using 12-point font size. Standard printing fonts acceptable are Times New Roman, Palatine or Courier. Maintain a consistent style element. To emphasize the text, you may use italics or underlining. The entire text should be uniformly double-spaced in all doctoral dissertations. Use plain white paper that is non-textured and acid free. The standard size of the paper is 8.5 by 11 inches. Only one side must be printed. The binding edge is the left hand edge. For printing, use laser printers or ink-jet printer of the highest quality.