How to Write the Five Paragraph Essay Basics

August 9, 2018

What is an essay? It typically is a short piece of writing written from the author’s perspective. It can be a narrative, personal, impersonal, opinionated, objective, factual, thoughtful, attentive, analytical, interpretive, meaningful etc…piece of writing. There are also different types of essays that involve the 5 paragraph essay format (just to touch base) from a mathematical essay to an article essay. So you’re here because you want to know the good stuff -how do you write an “award winning” essay that will secure your College or University acceptance? Well, take a walk with me and I’ll show you how it’s done.

Usually, an essay is composed of five parts. The first paragraph should include its thesis, introduce your topic. If it’s about ‘you’ don’t start with “Hi, my name is,” unless you want to come across as unoriginal and not creative. Choose bold strong descriptive words “I am a truth seeking, blunt speaking, caffeine addicted pessimistic, personality…” An essay contest provides you with an opportunity to compete against other essayists, students, peers or people who ‘do’ under protest, but have no other choice. Now topics could vary tremendously, but try to speak from your experience or opinion. If the topic is an object, place, or thought don’t start with “I think,” or “In my opinion,” or “In my experience…” Give the reader something to think about. Here’s your shot to be recognized for your writing abilities –don’t blow it, just believe in yourself and see what comes out.

The second paragraph is one part out of three main body paragraphs and each one of them is required to contain yet another statement that should support your thesis. You’re going to need supporting evidence for each one. The five paragraph essay’s format requires quotes, a summery of points, restatement of the thesis and of course a conclusion. Try and think like a teacher –they actually believe that essay writing teaches how to organize thoughts, that might be true and all, but I sure can think a hundred-fold times faster than I could write (and my mind doesn’t erase as much as my pencil seems to). When writing topics choose a subject that you are familiar with, one that you are well versed in.Don’t choose topics that you have no understanding of, the writing will flow easier if you have some idea of what to write.The intimidating word “research” doesn’t have to mean spending hours in the library, any information that you have experienced first hand, read or investigated could be considered research.

When you get to that last paragraph “the conclusion” think about all the points you’ve entered, all the things that you have said and stick to your main opinion, don’t waver. If your point is that the glass is neither half empty nor half full it is simply twice as big -don’t change your main argument at the end and stick to your chief principal of thought. In a lot of ways, the conclusion is the most important part of an essay.It is a clear statement of opinion(s) or fact(s) supported by evidence, research or expression.Not every opinion stated has to be universally known or agreed with.In fact, the more original the point of thought the better your odds of getting the attention you’re seeking for that written piece of art. There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the long awaited end of the 5 paragraph essay format.