Essay Writing Tips

August 28, 2018


The word has multiple meanings trial. It is used, for example, when referring to practices that are performed before public release in the presence of a play or musical show. There are also so-called clinical trials, which consist of experimental evaluations based on a product, medicines or techniques to measure their effectiveness and safety, and chemical Essays, which control the concentration and all kinds of property specific to a substance or material.

The Essay is also a genre of literature considered from the perspective of teaching, and has received significant influence of both liberal thought and journalism. In the words of the Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset, the Essay is a science that lacks an explicit Essay.

It is said that the origin of the Essay is in the epideictic style long forgotten Roman oratory, with which it shares several characteristics: free theme, simple and natural style, subjectivity, mixture of different elements (quotations, anecdotes, proverbs) and assisted machismo (there is no set order, unlike the informational text), among others. The French writer Michel de Montaigne, have scholars of history, was one of the most outstanding references the essay genre in its infancy, after the publication of “Essays” in 1580. Later by Francis Bacon established the historical principles stylistic and genre, and ranked among the natural literary genres, with the other four (narrative, dramatic, lyric and narrative).

It is also interesting to note that the simplest Essay structure includes three main phases: the introduction (where the subject and the author’s thesis or opinion presented), development (segment designed to support and Essay the thesis advanced) and conclusion where the content based on the proposals set) deepens.

From the perspective of literary genres, it can be said that the Essay is a written piece of prose in which he analyzes a specific topic and develops a clear, its purpose is to show the personal perspective of the author from write my essay for cheap on this subject and why which has come to see him that way. For a Essay to be good must the aesthetic end is above not reflective nor subordinate to it, both should be maintained so intertwined.

Essay differs from a treaty, away from dogmatism and show in great detail the process of formation of a particular idea and give this development as important as the final judgment that is made about it. It is also a text that does not persuade but invites the reader to think and create your own analysis, based on recommended readings or comparative judgments.

The principles of rhetoric trial require that the author, essayist called, try to influence their readers through questioning and reasoning systems. During the reading must adopt the mindset of the author or at least understand it as a possible way of analyzing things. It is also a confession of intellectual writer, therefore it is normal that in this genre like the first person narrative voice is used. Another key point is that a little technical language is used so that anyone can understand the text at this point differs from a manual or a scientific text made for a group of students or professionals in an area.

Some types of Essay

Scientific Essay: Ask questions facing an issue of scientific origin. It is a text that no response but criticized and questioned something that can be considered conclusive. That is, attempts to explain rationally precise issue in a particular scientific field.

Descriptive Essay: Presents outspread wings form a point of view on an issue raised by certain author. It different opinions of various authors on the subject on his own chosen and conclusions are drawn are compared. For a text to enter into this category must meet certain requirements: be concise, restrained, clear, short, consistent and creative.

Journalism Essay: the result of an investigation from the perspective of an editorialize arises. Also called chronic though not entirely correct since the latter shows historical events occurred in a chronological order, while the journalistic essay has subjective content.

The speech, newspaper article and the dissertation are didactic genres that are related to the trial.